Wednesday, April 09, 2014

First week of Mat leave

I'm on my first week of Maternity Leave. Well, I'm actually unemployed, given I was a contractor and my contract finished last Friday. But also I'm going to have a baby soon. 
Today is Wednesday, and I don't really feel like doing anything today. I'm accepting that, since Monday I was busy the entire day doing a paid research and also needed to take my Son to the doctor. Yesterday I went shopping in the morning and that tired me up so much, and then in the afternoon I started what looks like will be a long process of organizing my house and cleaning / organizing what soon will be the nursery. 
Today I took my son to the nursery and my husband needed to take the car to be serviced, so I took the bus back and walked the 1km from the bus to my house. I got tired after that, and now in the afternoon I had dr. appointment. 
seems like baby is fine :) 

So that's it. I already cooked and did the washing. So much for not doing anything. :)

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Wednesday is day of

Wednesday is the day that I work from home, although today is my last one, since I will finish working this Friday.
I have this girl cleaning my house because I  can't do much, plus I prefer to pay someone to help with the cleaning if I can. I think its because I grew up in Brazil where you usually have a live in cleaner (or used to, cause I hear things are changing there.

So I didn't do much today. I did eat chocolate (Please someone make the chocolate go away), cooked dinner in the morning (Before the cleaner came).  I made a mushroom ricotta quiche (Recipe is here) that is delicious (had some for lunch).
and spent the whole afternoon researching about my new little project (its in the oven) and not getting anywhere really cause I am finding challenging to find the suppliers I need in Australia.
I Also did some work, but 2 days before I finish I don't really have so much to do.

Anyway, that's my day. Time to go pick up my son from day care.

Til next time


Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Hello blog world

I have not being here for a long long time.
I’ve started a new blog (  a couple of weeks ago and I decided that I’ll try to do it properly this time, hehehhe, but also, I think I shouldn’t use it as my personal blog so I decided to come back here.
In any case this days is so hard to get a name for your blog that I might as well take advantage of what I have.
Also, I’m about to go on mat leave (Friday will be my last day of work) and I will probably have things to share, even if no one reads it and they are only shared with myself.
So let’s see how I go but bottom line is that yes, I’m 34 weeks pregnant and getting a bit nervous about having this baby, the sleepless night, the bleeding, the dieting, the breastfeeding. At least my mum is coming this time and will stay a couple of months and that should be helpful.

So until next post….xoxo

Friday, June 08, 2012

Bandana Bib / Dribbling Bib

Now that my child blows raspberry and dribbles non stop, I thought I would make a bandana / Dribble bib for him.
It looks so cute and I thought that I could definitely make some myself.
So here are the instructions.
Ideally you will need to different pieces of fabric. One of them I made towel and jersey, other I made flannel and towel.
Any absorbent fabric really would do, but I like the idea of towel ish fabric to absorbe the dribble and stop it from getting into his t-shirt. Specially now that the weather is so cold here in sydney.

You will cut a triangle of fabric. the base/wider side should have around 43 cm.
So fold in the middle and allowing 2 cm to give it the needed shape (its not a perfect triangle) measure from the end to the middle 30 cm.
I reckon the drowing will make more sense.

You can do it with paper and use it as a pattern, or you can do it with one piece of fabric and than cut the other one based on the first one.

Anyway, put right sides togethers and sew it around, leaving a 5, or  7 cm opening to turn it to the right side.
after you turn to the right side sew it all around (and this sewing will close the opening).

Put a button or a piece of Velcro, and Voilá.

Does that make sense?

Oh, and if you want to see more photos of Aaron you can check his own blog "Sharing a little" here

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Recipe index

Still working on my Recipe Index. So far, around 600 recipes catalogued, and counting...I'm slower now because my belly is really big and its getting really hot in Sydney, but I will finish it before baby comes / this year.
Will keep you posted.